Katsuhiko Matsumura
An artist who loves nature, the earth, space, and peace

Katsuhiko Matsumura (1967-2019). Katsuhiko learned painting by his grandfather from his early age. After he graduated from high school in Japan, he studied abroad in Australia. At the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Temple University Japan and US, while studying political science as a major but also studied contemporary art in the art and art history classes.

After he got a degree at his university, he continued to produce art, besides working at a trading company in California. From that time, he began to study the truth of the universe having a spiritual experience.
After the experience above, he actively conducted art, music activities in Japan. He also worked at gallery work in California and fashion, trading and supporting cultural events in Japan. He traveled between US. and Japan.
In art, he created many works on the theme of space, nature, earth, and peace and exhibited a lot at solo exhibitions in San Francisco, Heisen-ten at the National Art Center inTokyo, and art exhibitions in Paris and Belgium.


We continue to study the meaning of people’s lives and the truth of the universe, and express the sense of the experience with travel, people and experiences. We belive the way of express and the methods will continue to change as the universe changes.

No.002 -
No.002 – “Tree of life #007”
Acrilic on Wood panel, W420mm × H595mm, 1998.07.04
¥70,000(tax included)
No.008 -
Acrilic on Wood panel, W595mm × H843mm, 2005.05.19
No.014 -
No.014 – “Tree of life A002”
Acrilic on Wood panel, W302mm × H240mm
No.017 -
No.017 – “Title unknown”
Acrilic on Wood panel
W335mm × H244mm
¥36,000(tax included)
No.019 -
No.019 – “BLUE #1”
W300mm × H460mm
¥80,000(tax included)
No.020 -
No.020 – “Color”
Acrilic on Wood panel, W1303mm × H1620mm, 2010.05.10
No.023 -
No.023 – “Stones in the sky #010”
Acrilic on Canvas, W280mm × H360mm, 2010.05.13
¥36,000(tax included)
No.026 -
No.026 – “Stones in the sky #017”
Acrilic on Canvas, W280mm × H358mm, 2010.05.13
¥38,000(tax included)
No.032 -
No.032 – “The Earth”
Acrilic on Wood panel, W1305mm × H1620mm, 2010.05.24
¥650,000(tax included)
No.038 -
No.038 – “Harmony with nature #001”
Acrilic on Wood panel, W300mm × W300mm, 2012.03.30
¥35,000(tax included)
No.040 -
No.040 – “Stars #004”
Acrilic on Wood panel
W420mm × H600mm, 2013.03.30
– Not for sale –
No.054 -
No.054 – “Title unknown”
Acrilic on Canvas, Φ445mm
¥45,000(tax included)
No.063 -
No.063 – “Title unknown”
Acrilic on Canvas, Φ503mm
¥50,000(tax included)
No.067 -
No.067 – “The Earth A1”
Acrilic on Canvas, Φ300mm, 2017.08.01
¥30,000(tax included)


No.007 -
Acrilic on Wood panel, W595mm × H843mm, 2004.05.19
No.009 -
No.009 – ” Composition #113″
Acrilic on Wood panel, W210mm × H298mm
No.015 -
No.015 – “Title unknown”
Acrilic on Wood panel, W245mm × H335mm
¥35,000(tax included)
No.021 -
No.021 – “Stones in the sky #001”
Acrilic on Canvas, W325mm × H410mm, 2010.05.13
¥42,000(tax included)
No.025 -
No.025 – “Stones in the sky #016”
Acrilic on Wood panel, W258mm × H365mm, 2010.05.13
¥38,000(tax included)
No.027 -
No.027 – “Stones in the sky #018”
Acrilic on Wood panel, W236mm × H286mm, 2010.05.13
¥35,000(tax included)
No.036 -
No.036 – “Earth #002”
Acrilic on Canvas
Φ700mm, 2012.03.29
¥70,000(tax included)
No.039 -
No.039 – “Harmony with nature #002”
Acrilic on Wood panel, W300mm × H300mm, 2012.03.30
¥35,000(tax included)
No.043 -
No.043 – “Universe #002”
Acrilic on Canvas, Φ400mm, 2013.12.01
¥40,000(tax included)
No.055 -
No.055 – “Cells of Earth #001 Earth cell”
Acrilic on Canvas, Φ445mm, 2014
¥45,000(tax included)
No.066 -
No.066 – “Wa A1”
Acrilic on Canvas, Φ307mm, 2017.08.01
¥30,000(tax included)
No.068 -
No.068 – “The Earth A2”
Acrilic on Canvas, Φ445mm, 2017.08.01
¥45,000(tax included)
No.064 -
No.064 – “Title unknown”
Acrilic on Canvas, Φ700mm
¥65,000(tax included)
No.069 -
No.069 – “The Earth A3”
Acrilic on Canvas, Φ430mm, 2017.08.01
¥45,000(tax included)

About the view of the world of works

His early works around 1998 focused on the “source of life” and “social problems” and featured “stylish beauty” characterized by strong contrast and sharp outlines.From work No.009 “Compositon #113”, the line of sight shifts to “space”, until “No. 020 to No. 030” “Sky Stone Series,” he pursued and established a relatively consistent method and unique expression method.If these works, from No.009 to No.030, can be seen as mid-term, the later works starting from work No. 031 adopted circular original canvas, express “earth”, “universe”, “harmony” and “peace”.
In addition, the pearl paint and fluorescent paint that appear frequently in the works have visual effects that are superior to existing paints. Judging from the transition of the whole work, it seems that it represents the love and excitement for the objects as “earth” and “universe”.
The late works focus on “enriching the contents of expression” rather than “stylish beauty”, however, his consistent works from initial to late are faced to the canvas and repeated trial and error he enjoyed his own worldview and painting.Another characteristic is that most of his works regard the thickness of the canvas as a part of the work (the back side is also used depending on the work), and each piece is lovingly finished to be wrapped in color.