Vol.4-Tracing the vagueness of memories

This is my 15th year of production. I don’t have a particular standard my method of expression. Since 2009, I have been exhibiting in many places that are not white cubes. An abandoned house, an old elementary school, old brewery, etc. While presenting my work, I realized that there are several key words in my work.

Vol.3-Corona Summer Special – HANABI

Amid the rampant spread of the new coronavirus, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a global sports festival, has been canceled. The situation is so serious that the fireworks festivals that light up the night sky every summer have been canceled or postponed one after another. Therefore, this time, as a special project, I (JIGUAI) will be posting 36 works online, including unreleased works from the fireworks series that I have been photographing and saving (4 types of mobile wallpapers are also available for download). I hope you enjoy it.

Vol.2-My Daughter Seven

My name is Zhuang Zhe and I am 33 years old by 2018. I was born in Xi’an but moved to Shanghai with my wife who I studied together in Britain for years. We have a daughter named 77, and we have a Border Collie called Rollei. Yes, the name was after the German camera brand Rollei. I am now the co-founder of Family Dairy and also a family photographer.