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Katsuhiko Matsumura
Katsuhiko Matsumura ≫

An artist who loves nature, the earth, space, and peace – A collection where you can enjoy the changes in the style of the late Katsuhiko Matsumura, from the beginning to his later years.

Park Sonho
Park Sonho ≫

Owner of GALLERY 2511. He is deeply interested in various visual expressions such as photography, paintings, graphic design, and is currently exploring various work expressions and techniques.

Yuriko Miyamoto
Yuriko Miyamoto ≫

Performer and an arranger of Music box. Founder of “Organette Fan Club”. Her performance is varied as from concerts in a gallery space to the collaboration with visual works and so on.

Klaus Taro Iida
Klaus Taro Iida ≫

An artist who should be called “a leading artist in the sticker art” in Japan – A valuable collection including the early works of Klaus Taro Iida.

Hiro Yatabe
Hiro Yatabe ≫

Hiro Yatabe, a Tokyo-based artist whose motto is “Lifestyle Art”, has been expanding the permanent exhibition titled “Hiro Yatabe Art Corner” showcasing his small works at different locations in various parts of Tokyo.