Katsuhiko Matsumura
Katsuhiko Matsumura ≫

An artist who loves nature, the earth, space, and peace – A collection where you can enjoy the changes in the style of the late Katsuhiko Matsumura, from the beginning to his later years.

Park Sonho
Park Sonho ≫

Owner of GALLERY 2511. Bachelor of Art Education and Literature (Oil Painting). He has a background in a wide range of fields including photography, graphic design, and management.

Yuriko Miyamoto
Yuriko Miyamoto ≫

Performer and an arranger of Music box. Founder of “Organette Fan Club”. Her performance is varied as from concerts in a gallery space to the collaboration with visual works and so on.

Klaus Taro Iida
Klaus Taro Iida ≫

An artist who should be called “a leading artist in the sticker art” in Japan – A valuable collection including the early works of Klaus Taro Iida.

Hiro Yatabe
Hiro Yatabe ≫

Hiro Yatabe, a Tokyo-based artist whose motto is “Lifestyle Art”, has been expanding the permanent exhibition titled “Hiro Yatabe Art Corner” showcasing his small works at different locations in various parts of Tokyo.