It is an art gallery that occupies one floor of the Showa retro building, a corner of Jimbo-cho, which is in the heart of Tokyo’s 23 wards and has a long history as a “town of books” and “student district”. The purpose of this exhibition is to exhibit works in various formats such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, illustrations, and designs. Because it is a sealed structure like a museum, you can enjoy the works in detail and at your leisure in an extraordinary pure white space that highlights and accentuates all works of art.

Gallery 2511 not only recruits and offers projects to young artists who want to become professionals, but also supports those who wish to hold exhibitions and rent out space. It also supports photography, collection of works, as well as dissemination of information overseas (China, Korea, etc.), upon request.
In the era of cataclysmic change as a result of Information Technology (IT), we intend to explore and put into practice “what we can do in the East Asian art market.”

Operation : Zero3 Co., Ltd.
Cooperation : Atom Bit

Logo concept
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Why 2511?

The address information (Nishikanda 2-5-11) is used in the gallery name, and the naming can be said to be an extension of the White Cube concept of not allowing the exhibition space to interfere with the works.

PARK Sonho
朴 成浩

Representative / Planning and Design
Zero3 Co., Ltd.

This staff member majored in art at the University of the Arts in Changchun, China. After working in stage art for about five years from 1996, he moved to the web and advertising industry, where he developed activities such as design, photography, and art direction.
In recent years, he has been exploring art management while conducting art awareness activities, including planning and holding workshops on children’s drawing.

田中 菜穂子

Cooperation / DTP Typesetting
Atom Bit

This staff member studied modern and contemporary literature and children’s literature in the National Literature Department.
After working for a printing company and working on the publications of a general electronics manufacturer, he started DTP typesetting, drawing, proofreading, etc. of books on a freelance basis in 1997, and has been involved in many medical, nursing, dental, and associated learning materials.
We have been supported by many seniors, colleagues, and customers and we are continuing our business.